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Leather Clean, Condition & Protect - 3 In 1

This 3 in 1 product both cleans and moisturizes, replenishing the natural oils and extends the life of leather. The specially formulated emollient technology helps to keep the material soft, and prevents it from drying and cracking, while also protecting it from stains..

We recommend this product for new or recently new leather products as it's very easy to use and will keep your leather in a good condition for a long time. Although it will have a similar effect on older products, an all in one product can't compete with stand alone products for aged leather, so if your item is over 5 years old we would recommend looking at out separate cleaner and conditioner products or one of our kits that have both. Once leather gets to a certain stage it requires a slightly stronger cleaner to remove dirt. Using this product on newer leather though will prevent you from needing a stronger solution in the future.

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leather clean condition & protect - 3 in 1
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Suitable for:

● Protected Leather


● Gently Cleans
● Conditions
● Protects
● Safe and Effective

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    Customer Feedback

    'As a professional tradesman in the car industry I can't say how good this is!'

    'What a fantastic product dirty old sofa now clean & soft. With a lovely shine.'

    'Perfect, it really works, by leather looks brand new, thank you A+A+'

    'Prompt delivery used it on vw beetle hood today has really cleaned it, thanks'

    'Fantastic product! Made a cream leather sofa look like new!'

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