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Fabric & Canvas Materials

About Fabric & Canvas Materials

As with leather there are a few different types of fabric that need specialist products, from curtains and sofas to more hard wearing products such as canvas on convertible roofs on cars, boats, caravans and more. We provide a full range of products to suit all needs.

As fabric is absorbs water it can be hard to draw out dirt, but are products are very effective if used in the right way.

How to Care for Fabric & Canvas Materials

Generally fabric cleans easily if put through the wash but for items that you can't put in a washing machine its a case of breaking down the dirt and then drawing it from the material.

Fabric cleaner works for a full range of materials and is very effective at breaking down all kinds of dirt and stains. If you would like to prevent stains on fabric our waterproof protect product will help to stop liquids soaking into fabric giving you precious time to wipe any spillage away.

What Products are Available for Fabric & Canvas

We have a full range of protects to help maintain fabric and canvas. Canvas is very hard wearing so can be cleaned quite easily with fabric cleaner, mould cleaner is also very popular as it removes stains such as bird droppings and sap from trees. Check out the options that we currently have.

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For additional assistance with products please contact Sales@LeatherCareAndRepair.co.uk

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