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Aniline Leather Care Kit - Clean & Condition Kit

The Aniline Clean and Conditioner Kit has everything you need to maintain Aniline Leather.

Aniline is very tricky to maintain because of its absorbent surface. Grease and spillages can stain aniline causing dark spots or areas. To maintain an even look you can use the cleaner to draw out dark stains then you can use the conditioner to bring back the colour to create a more balanced look.

The cleaner will help to break down dirt and grease, and once fully dry can lighten dark stains. You can then use the conditioner to slowly darken Aniline to create the more even look.

You really need to wait a couple of days for Aniline to dry if you clean it. Once it is dry you can then apply the conditioner. Patience is definetely required though for good results!

This kit comes complete with instructions, clothes and a brush so you have everything you need to get a professional finish.

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Suitable for:

● Aniline Leather

Kit Includes:

● 500ml Cleaner
● 250ml Conditioner
● Soft Cleaning Brush
● Drying Cloth
● Application Cloth
● Pro Instructions

Complete Care Kit


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