General Wear ~ Leather & Vinyl Repair Information

Restoring General Wear on Leather and Vinyl

General wear such as scuffs, and colour loss to leather and vinyl can be caused in all kinds of ways such as dragging a heavy object over leather, scraping furniture against walls whilst moving an item or just wearing jeans with metal pins.

This can be easily rectified depending on the type of leather it is. If the leather is protected, scuffs normally just break the coated surface leaving the leather underneath showing through, which can be quite noticeable on any colour item. If the leather is Aniline, Natural or Nubuck the repair is a lot harder to deal with.

What will we do?

Scuffs and colour loss have to be treated individually to re-shape the surface using a variety of methods. Once the surface has been repaired the area will need to be re-coloured to provide a hard wearing repair that looks and lasts like new.

How long will it take?

A single scuff can take between and hour to two hours to repair. If there are multiple worn areas they can all be treated at the same time but it can take an additional hour for extensive damage. Repairs are not something that can be rushed so please allow more time if possible.

What will the repair look like?

The repair will look very much like new.

How long will the repair last?

The products we use are tried and tested and repairs will wear in the same way as the rest of the item.

What would we need?

For this type of repair we would simply need power and enough room to work. For insurance purposes we are unable to undertake repairs on main roads or busy areas. We can also provide a temporary shelter if it is raining in most circumstances.

Need a quote?

If you would like a free quote, please email us with as much information as possible. If you can take photos of the damage we can usuallly provide an accurate quote straight away.

We are a mobile leather repair & leather cleaning service providing leather restoration on all kinds of items. Repairs include scuffs, colour loss, tears, rips, complete restoration, pet damage and more. We don't need cover if it is raining but we do require electric for leather and vinyl repairs and a suitable place to work. If you are looking for leather care products please view our shop for a full range or leather products to help clean, protect and maintain your leather. Contact us for a free quote.


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